Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A thank you note

First of all I would like to thank the readers of this blog. I will need your help and support to spread the word around, so that we can build a community around this. I hope that you are finding the coverage of New Town projects useful. In the coming weeks and months, I would like to continue to provide complete coverage of most residential and commercial projects on a rotational basis.

I also thank you all for voting on the poll - "Which New Town project would you want me to cover in greater details". The poll received about 34 votes with Uniworld City, Rosedale NRI, and Sankalpa  taking the cake, with Uniworld City being the biggest of these, presumably so got the highest number of votes. That does not mean I am not going to cover the other projects, sure will. However would appreciate your consideration and patience while I get to the project of your choice.  I will also continue to revisit projects to track their progress and share it with the readers of this blog.

We have now set up an email link on the blog - so any comments (especially the good ones:), requests and notes could be sent to me directly. Also please feel free to post comments on the blog posts itself using the Post a comment option

With that being said, I will get back to work of providing more information each day.


  1. A thank you to you too for doing such nice,indepth investigations of each project.This blog needs a bit more reach.I am sure there are many who have invested in rajarhat and would welcome any news on their investments.The task is to get those people to see this blog,but how to go it?

  2. Avishar - you raise a very valid and pertinent point. I am going it give it a good thought about increasing viewership.

    I am going to be meeting someone from Telegraph, once I have a critical mass and have them do a story on this blog. That will certainly give us viewership !

  3. Hi avishar
    i own a flat in jal vayu vihar. I had been following your blog, but of late there seems to be very little activity on it. Pl keep it alive..we, the investors in rajarhat, who are far from there, look up to u for continued info and are extreamly greatful to u for that. cheers.


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