Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sankalpa - Purposeful Unity

First of all I apologize to the readers of this blog for going amiss for the last two weeks. My work and some personal commitments had the better of me. But I am now back in action and you will hear more from me about other projects in New Town.

Now then, I would start off by borrowing a line from Swami Vivekananda's Chicago address:

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Sankalpa,

Time has come that we get together in the interest of the investment we have made in Sankalpa. As we know that there are four sites within the project - Site I, II, III and IV. Site I has barely taken off and was launched the last, so that might be outside our scope of present discussion.

Regarding Site II, III, IV - I have been following up on the construction progress closely, have been posting pictures and videos on a fairly regular basis. My last visit to Sankalpa was about 2 weeks back. I will be visiting the site at least every 4 weeks and hope to see reasonable progress during that time frame, since my last visit.

However we need to form a forum of flat owners at Sankalpa (across all the sites) and get together, so that we can take up various agenda with the developers. A reader of this blog, and a flat owner himself - Cdr. Ghatak seconds this opinion and suggests that it would be good start if at least some of us (let's pick a number, say 6 of us) who are locally based out of Calcutta can form a group, and meet in person and discuss issues concerning us.

A collective and purposeful unity will give us leverage with the developers. It is obvious that the possession of apartments, will be seemingly delayed. One such item on our agenda could be to make sure that the penalty clause be exercised, and we are financially compensated for the delay. In my previous casual meetings with the chief engineer I was told that the penalty clause, will most definitely be adhered to. We need to see that it actually is.

As allottees to this project, and future owners of our individual apartments - there could be a number of things that concern us, which need to be flagged, raised and discussed at this stage.

At this point I will humbly request all the readers of this blog, who are either themselves investors at Sankalpa or know someone who is, to simply drop in an email to :, with a subject line of - "Sankalpa Flat Owners Forum". Please introduce yourselves in the email, with your contact information and preferred mode of communication: Mobile, Email, etc.

You are welcome to send us an email, even if you are not residing in Calcutta. However at this point we are looking for people who are located in Calcutta, so that we can meet in person.


  1. I will be visiting other projects as well. Visited Uniworld and Rosedale today, will write about it shortly.


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