Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sankalpa - A view from the top

Site III & Site IV - Towers
Yesterday, we (myself and a co-blogger - who wishes to remain anonymous). For ease of reference we will call him Z.

So upon some insistence from Z and a desire to see the view from the top, we climbed all the way to the 13th floor of Tower 8, Site II of Sankalpa and boy was I not glad I did. It looks like a completely different world from up there.

It wasn't a particularly breezy day, but there was a pleasant breeze cutting across in the south easterly direction.

Tower 8 in Site II is a G+13 structure, the top 2 floors are pent houses with liberal floor plans for the people who can afford it. The pent houses feature wide balconies ideal for small open air BBQ parties. I realize I really need to befriend at least one of the people who own one or more of these pent houses. And if you are reading this blog and happen to own one of these pent houses, go on show me some love for providing you with the lovely pictures and the video !

Tower 8 in Site III was the focus of my visit to Sankalpa this time. It seems to be well on track. I will be visiting Sankalpa office today to find out what is their delivery schedule on Site II, Site III and Site IV. Will share the information as soon as I have it.

You may also visit the official website for Sankalp.

With that being said, I will let you enjoy the pictures in 2 different slide shows !

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And here is the video ...

And now the walk through of Flat Type A in Tower 8, Site II


  1. You rock! Thank you so much for giving us a chance to see what is going on in Sankalpa. I wish builders had something similar.
    For the Sankalpa apartment owners - there is an owners discussion group you might be interested in joining:

  2. Thanks,JourneyCalledLife for your kind words. I will go ahead and join the yahoo group. I myself had a Google group for Sankalpa owners. However it just seemed I was outgrowing the group and it was not getting much traction. I would like to cover New Town overall with emphasis on infrastructure and development.

    As for the developers, we should consider ourselves lucky, if they hand over our apartments on time, leave alone provide detailed updates ;-)

    Sankalpa does appear to be mostly on track ? Which Site/Tower are you invested in ?

    Finally, please help spread the word around so this blog can reach fire and wide !

  3. Nice reporting again. With little spread of words among ourselves, it will be a good voice for the New Town.

  4. Kuldeep - did you see my reply to your questions regarding Jalvayu Vihar ? I sent the reply yesterday or was it day before ? Please check and let me know.

  5. Yes I saw your rely again thanks a lot.


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