Saturday, July 10, 2010

Uniworld City - Promises to keep ...

Wonder, what the 'Black' flag is for ?

Uniworld City Kolkata is a massive project containing 50 towers from 20 to 40 floors! The project is divided into 7 different phases Horizons, Gardens, Heights, Air, Downtown, Cascades and Harmony.

This project lies in one of the several 'hot' zones in Rajarhat. Uniworld City along with Rosedale NRI forms the picture perfect skyline in the Action Area III. Both these projects have been hit below the belt by the constant trouble that has engulfed New Town, and the protests by the land owners has been spreading like a wild fire.

This report is from a recent visit (9th July 2010) to the project. On the brighter side of things there does seem to be some rejuvenated activity in this construction zone. Even though we were denied entry inside the project but we were able to speak to one of the security guards (see pic. below) at the site who told us that about 10 families have already moved in and have been living. Encouraging to say the least !

Now this is still a heavy construction zone, with a lot still to be desired from approach roads. There are no stores in this area, and the I can imagine the residents having to go to Action Area I, as the nearest stop for any and all of their daily needs. Not to mention the scare of living in this construction zone, with not too many families for company.

As you can see in the above picture, the road is still unfinished and heavy construction vehicles are still pounding the good earth !

Unfortunately, we could not get through to any of the residents who are living here already. We will make every effort to get a look in and have a word with the families who have moved in here and their experience of living in an area that looks like a war zone.

Till then, here are some more pictures in a slideshow ....

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