Saturday, July 10, 2010

Desperate Measures

The article below underlines the desperation of the State government to save the day in Rajarhat. They are truly not leaving any stone unturned and that includes sacrificing themselves at the altar of the ego of the chief minister in waiting Ms. B.

Here have a read - Allergies away, Mamata still cold - Bengal housing minister Gautam Deb has made an offer that Don Corleone may have found difficult to refuse but not Mamata Banerjee....

So now that you have read it, what say ?

Now as if this weren't enough, Ms. B has picked up the mantle for renaming the streets in Salt Lake. Her reason - she was in town recently to celebrate her party's victory in the recently contested municipal elections and mentions that despite coming to Salt Lake several times, she manages to get lost in the maze that it is and thinks naming of streets will help. Thus she spake.

You would really imagine that our elected politicians would be more responsible and actually get some work done for a change, after all the 'hoopla' about change, about being for people - what do we get ? A string of name change ceremonies and tall talk about making Kolkata a London of the east or some such reprehensible comment. Well, "Just put your money where your mouth is" or for heavens sake just keep shut, so that you don't have to deal with "Foot in mouth" situations. Also a million dollar suggestion for our esteemed politicians, it's about time - GROW UP !


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