Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greenfield Heights - The Lone star in the Rajarhat sky

Greenfield Heights is the lone star among a plethora of incomplete projects. It stands tall towards the tail end of the Action Area I. It shot into prominence by the alleged suicide of one P. Rajshekhar earlier in the month of June.

I am in total agreement with the lack of infrastructure and basic utilities that plague the showpiece township there has been a lot of promises that were made and even more that are being made, right now as I write this piece. We just hope some of them will bear some fruits of patience.

Greenfield heights brings back bittersweet memories for me personally, as we came real close to owning an apartment at this project. Back in 2007, it was; if my memory serves me right. I was put in touch with an investor; a woman in her mid-fifties who owned an apartment on the 7th floor of one of the towers. The deal fell through due to some technicalities at the developer's end. I remember even visiting the developer's office for due diligence, however things just went south from that point on. It just seemed the place was being run by a bunch of unprofessional employees. So anyway,let by-gone be by-gone.

Truth be told - Greenfield Heights was one of the first projects in this area to be completed and handed over to it's rightful owners. It is also one of the few places which is barely connected by public transport - there is a bus service right to it's doorstep, even if erratic.

I happen to know an old friend who is actually living at Greenfield Heights. So I took the trip, hoping to click some pictures and possibly meet my friend and get it from the horse's mouth as to what is it like living in what is being dubbed as 'No Man's Land' !

Alas, my friend was at work and we could not meet up with him. But there is always a next time. However I did go around clicking some pictures and here they are for you to see.

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