Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Uniworld City, Revisited

My previous post on Unitech was titled Any Given Sunday! It was about 11 weeks ago,  in the second week of December 2010.Things seem to have taken a turn for the better, since.

This time I was accompanied by a neighbor of nearly 6 years. I had not known for as long that we shared the interest in New Town. For the purpose of this post, I will refer to him as T. His initial.

We drove down on a languid Sunday morning, making some stops on the way. We finally reached Uniworld City around noon. T was to be my passport to enter the secured environs of this city of what will be 68 larger than life towers, including Unitech Air – a cluster of 40 storied towers.

New Town Skyline *You can see what looks like sewer spots along the side of the road

From a distance the skyline did not look like it had changed much at all. But a closer look did tell a slightly different story.

Following changes were noticed :

  • The sewerage work seems to have taken off after being stalled for over a year.
  • The approach road in front of Uniworld City is finally under construction.
  • There seems to be more and more families who have come to live in at Uniworld City.
  • And there are more who are in the process of moving in.
  • Even though I do not have the official number, but about 20 families would be a fair estimate. Some times I can be dumb, or may be these are just tell tale signs of aging. It occurred to me later that I could have checked with the security guards on duty, to have a more accurate number.  
  • We spotted moving trucks during our visit, that tells me people are continuing to move in.
  • Some basic stores (grocery, pharmacy and beauty salons) have already come up with in this settlement.
  • All, encouraging signs these.

The 'Lagaan' TeamThis almost looks like a shot from Lagaan, the movie !

Road Construction Road work in progress

Road Construction

Uniworld Stores Daily needs store and a pharmacy

Uniworld StoresPurple Blaze – the beauty salon 

Bright Yellow Truck People moving in, in bright yellow moving trucks !

Children Play Area Aerial shot of the children’s play area

Tennis Court Tennis Court * Sorry, for the bad quality of this picture, taken from inside the car

Towering Tower Towering Tower

We took a driving tour of the Unitech campus and captured it on video. Have a look.

Below are some more pictures that were taken of the unit we inspected and Uniworld City in general.

Elevator Lobby


Living Room Master Bed Room They have provided for wooden flooring in both the bedrooms of this two bed room apartment

Walk-in Closet Walk in closet area just outside the bathroom attached with the master BR

Views from the  10th Floor Views from the 10th floor 

Signage Entrance Entrance Arches


Following are some more pictures of the road that goes further down from Uniworld City. This road is to be at some point connecting to the E.M. By pass; near the Science City rotary or so I am told. Work seems to be going on at brisk pace.

Road ConstructionRoad Roller Down The Road This picture was taken about 3 km down the road from Uniworld City.

The buildings in the horizon are those of the Uniworld towers.  T confirmed that electricity, water (boring water), intercom service have all been provided to the flat owners, who have been handed over their units.

There was a lot more information that I would have liked to dig up and serve up here. We only had a couple of hours to spare this Sunday. So we had to leave them out for another day.

Hope you find this information useful. Should you have specific questions about Uniworld City or any other project in the vicinity. Please drop me an email at : savenewtown@gmail.com and I shall do my best.

And yes, just to clarify my stand. This is just a voluntary service, I do not work for Unitech or any of it’s group companies and have no vested interest in providing this information. Information is provided as is without any guarantees either :)


  1. Your blog is so addictive can't wait for your next updates !

  2. good to know that the roadworks and sewer systems r being built near uniworld.Gives me some hope as i have a plot of land behind rosedale.

  3. A good township should be mix of flats, co-ops, highrises, bunglows and individual houses catering to people of various income group. I find the individual houses are lacking in NewTown, mainly because the essential infra is not yet available. Add to this the lack of greenery. I hope things speed up soon.
    Great post NewKid; good to see Unitech completing it's stuff quickly.

  4. @Rajarshi - Thank you. I am flattered :)

  5. @Nabarun - Yes things are looking up, at least for now. Hope is what keeps us going. Are you based at Calcutta ?

    @SAM - I agree. Actually New Town, Action Area does have a lot of co-operative construction activities and people are starting to move in. I intend to a piece on co-operatives soon. Not sure, why you mention - lack of greenery ? New Town, in fact is quite green, even with all the construction happening.

    @Shyamal - Thank you ! Glad you like it.

  6. Great update!! Thanks a ton fr keeping us posted about the updates of NewTown. Will eagerly wait for more to come on this...


  7. It's a nice informative blog and interesting!!!
    I have booked an apartment in Rosedale, which is beside Uniworld City.
    I would request to write a post on the current status n progress of this project.

    Dr. Sinha, Singapore

  8. @Samarjit - Thanks a lot. Stay tuned in for more information.

    @Dr. Sinha - Thank you for kind words. Rosedale is going very slow. It looks at least a year away from delivery, if not more. I will try and do a detailed post on it soon. Please look out for it, by next week or so.

  9. @NewKidontheblog-yes i am based in kolkata.have got a HIG plot in AAIII/1 behind rosedale.i would like u to do a piece on the individual and coop plots of AAIII.

  10. @NewKidontheblog - Thanks for your extremely prompt response and general overview on Rosedale. As the majority of flat owners reside outside India, your detailed post on this project would be highly benificial. Me and my closest friend who has also booked an apartment there, are eagerly waiting for this post.
    You take care and cheers!!!

    Dr. Sinha, Singapore

  11. @Nabarun - Will do a piece on Rosedale and the AA-III co-ops soon. Stay tuned in.

    @Dr. Sinha - You are quite welcome. Happy to help. Promise to do a detailed post on Rosedale soon. This is one project that has intrigued me, due to it's snail-paced execution. To be honest, I myself had come tantalizingly close to have invested in this project, back in 2006-2007. How long back did you make the investment in Rosedale ? Do you mind giving me your unit # and the price/sq. ft you paid at that point in time. It will help me get a perspective.

    All best,

  12. i booked a flat at harmony in uniworld city 4 years ago and i was promised delivery of the flat by 31 dec 2010. now they tell me it will take at least 18-24 months more.

    the catch22 situation here is that even if they would have given me my flat on time, would it have been a good idea to move in now, cos there are barely any families living in uniworld city now.

    is it a good investment or its new town is just caught up in viscous web of political drama of wb.

  13. Kuldeep,

    New Town is a victim of political demagoguery, improper handling of sensitive local issues, and insufficient infrastructural network.

    Which tower are you in Unitech, if it has already been 4 yrs, it should not take another 18-24 months. I was told by my neighbor who got his flat posession recently that Unitech paid the penalty for delayed posession as per the contract. That is saying a lot, as most builders in New Town, even reputed ones deny compensation. Hiding behind force-majeure clause.

    Investment in New Town, will test your patience, unless you are an end-user, stay in the market and you will see your investment pay off in the long run. Be on the watch, and I would say give it 5 years to see your investment rise.

    I am an eternal optimist and am hopeful sun will finally shine on New Town.

  14. @NewKidontheblog - Thanks for your response and my apology for late reply.

    I invested in Rosedale during third quarter of Yr 2006 and price/sq ft was quite similar to that of Unitech.

    Your detail review on the current status of Rosedale, New town developments (pre and post election) in AA III including water, e;ectricity connections, sewarage lines, etc. would be appreciated as requested earlier.

    We are eagerly waiting for this post.
    You take care and cheers!!!

    Dr. Sinha, Singapore

  15. Dear Dr. Sinha,

    Unfortunately Rosedale cuts a very sorry figure. It has been 5 years since they began in 2006 and are still a good year or more away from completion. I will do a detailed recce by the end of this week and will post it here. Apologize the delay, I had been traveling and living out of suitcases for about 8 weeks. Have been home for the last 2 weeks, and slowly finding my feet again.

  16. @NewKidontheblog - Many thanks indeed for your prompt response inspite of your busy travelling schedule. Noted your view on Rosedale project progress and for a possible post on Rosedale soon. You have done a fabulous job on the detail post on Uniworld City; and a same on Rosedale would really be appreciated. We are really very grateful for your thoughts, analysis and research on the projects, progress and developments in New Town.

    Warm regards,
    Dr. Sinha, Singapore

  17. @NKOB - This was indeed a good post. I am based in Delhi and want to buy property in New Town. We had settled for Harmony Unitech, but have been plagued with doubts ever since. Your post does clear up the air with some positive light on the project. There is one thing that you could perhaps throw further light on. We have been told that the completion time for Tower 3 Harmony is end of 2013. Interestingly, a resale apartment in the same tower carries a completion date of June 2012. Don't know if the resale agent is lying or the original booking office is posting a late date to preclude a situation where the developer may have to give penalty. Or is it simply a presumptive date promised at an early booking, and a more realistic date promised now for a late booking. Your view on this will be much appreciated. Thanks once again.

  18. @Bhutusimo - Apologize for an inordinate delay in responding to your query. Last few days have been quite hectic to say the least. But here it is and hope you still find it pertinent. I can try to get the tentative month of completion from my contacts at Unitech. However, I would put my faith in a later date, more than the date being given by the resale agent. Resale agents really only care for their end of the stick and might be promising an earlier date as a bait. I do know for a fact that Unitech despite severe delays has made good on the penalty clause in the sale agreement. To conclude I would say a later date is a safer assumption and not to go by the word of mouth from the re-sale agent. I will try to see if I can get you a word on that. Generally speaking Action Area I remains the safest bet in terms of investment. Should you need any suggestion on the projects in the Action Area I, I could possibly give you a short list. Let me know and keep in touch.

  19. Thanks a lot:)You are doing a wonderful job!

  20. @NewKidontheblog - Hope you are doing well. As per my earlier comments on 31st May 2011, you replied that an article will be posted on Rosedale in June 2011. As your last write-up was on Greenwood elements, I was wondering whether you can kindly post the similar one on Rosedale Garden. This is just a gentle request.

    Many thanks indeed for the great jobs through wonderful informative e-postings.

    Best regards,
    Dr. Sinha, Singapore

  21. Dr. Sinha,

    Apologize for a delayed response. It has been quite hectic lately, but I promise to visit both Rosedale and Unitech very soon. In a matter of days and not weeks. Please watch out for my post.


  22. @NewKidontheblog - Noted, many thanks indeed and sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this request. Will wait for your post.

    Warm regards,
    Dr. Sinha, Singapore

  23. Dear New Kid On the Blog,

    Thank you for your efforts on this informative blog.

    I am posting in your blog in order to seek help against gross injustice by the Shrachi group. I have tried to gain information on how to seek justice but to no avail.

    I would like to join hands with fellow owners in the Rosedale Project and neighbours of mine who are suffering. Some of our owners have filed a case in the Consumer court against Shrachi. They have not handed over my apartment to me as promised in June 2010 are unwilling to pay any compensation as mentioned in their contract.

    If you or someone else can help please get in touch with me on melvynrozario@gmail.com

    Warm Regards,

    Thank you
    Melvyn Rozario
    Doha, Qatar.

  24. Dear NKOB, great post.

    I am a hapless investor in Harmony Uniworld City. Would greatly appreciate an update.


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  26. Hi, I am planning to by a re-salable flat in Harmony Uniworld city. The actual delivery was supposed to be 2012. However, it is delayed and now Broker is saying that it will be delivered by 2015. Is it advisable to buy? Not sure. Help.

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