Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sankalpa update on new year’s day !

SaveNewTown wishes all it’s readers a meaningful new year. Hope this year brings with it a bright future for New Town. May our political gods bury the hatchet and see some sense. May HIDCO get up it’s lazy bum and finally get some infrastructural work done !

This post presents an update on Site III, Site IV and Site II, in that order.

Site III (Farthest from completion.Best case scenario- good 12 months, if not more, away from possession. Scheduled delivery: March-April 2011, Estimated delivery: March-April 2012. When last contacted WBIDFC officials had promised to deliver no later than November 2011, but again we know promises are meant to be broken! Will check with them again by next week)

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Site IV (Nearest to completion. Speedy work in progress at site, lot of activity. Exterior painting about 50% done. Still about 4-5 months away from possession. Scheduled delivery: September 2010 – correct me if I am wrong. Estimated delivery: May-June 2011. ‘Otis’ Lifts being installed. Boundary wall partially erected. Basement parking work in progress.)

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Site II (Progress status somewhere between Site II and Site IV. Speedy work in progress at site, lot of activity. Exterior whitewash has begun. Still about 9 months away from completion of and subsequent possession. ‘Otis’ Lifts being installed. Boundary wall partially erected. Clubhouse work in progress.)

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  1. I don't know who cursed NewTown but all the projects are lagging behind - a year or more alteast. My flat (Akankha complex, AA-II) is nearing completion. The delay is around 1 year 9 months. The builder attribute it to lack of power supply from HIDCO. Another project in the neighbourhood also has similar delay. God knows when would electricity come and developers would be forced to do work fast.


  2. Sam - I agree, New Town is partly cursed. However I must say this. At least part (a big part) of the blame has to go to - HIDCO, and the developers acting in connivance. Other than that how do you explain a near 2 year delay @ Akankha.

    Whenever you ask the developers, they cry wolf by repeating the much repeated line - labor shortage, improper supply chain yada yada. The reality is they have their money in the bank and are just taking it easy. My apartment at Sankalpa too, would be easily delayed by 9-12 months.

    As for electricity the motor mouth Ms. Mamata is to be blamed, as she wants to personally oversee the destruction of New Town, for political gains !

  3. First of all Thanks for posting the photos and giving us update on the status. I also have an apartment in sankalpa Site II and though in my last visit ( sept-10) they promised to deliver by Feb-11 . seems this is unlikely to happen . So the developer are quite happy making money ( as lot of people like me opted for the Full Downpayement ).

    Moreover, when I looked at few of the apartment, was not very happy with the workmanship .. The Toilet area is very small and do not resemble the drawing .. Not sure what the final outcome will be .. But frankly speaking Not so excited about this apartment -The best address in New Town- like I was 2 years ago ..

    Btw . is there any social networking group for NewTown Residence- to be resident where we can discuss the progress and suggetion etc??

  4. Saswata,

    You are quite welcome. Site II is not likely to be delivered by mid 2011. It is quite common for real estate projects to be delayed in this part of the world. Even I have invested in Site III, which is only to be delivered by end of this year. Even I chose to have my apartment fully paid up by my financier. They are supposed to be honoring their penalty clause for Rs.4000 for each month of delay beyond the original completion date + 3 months of grace period.

    I believe the workmanship is not bad, but the apartment layout leaves a lot to be desired. Even we found our dining area and toilets to be crammed. It is a small unit, can't deny that. There is not much innovation in design. But that's all we have, at least I do. This is my only investment, that too for my own end use, so I have learnt to like it :).

    Also I am on the first floor of Tower 11, Site III. Just behind my unit, they have come up a power transformer storage, which is nearly as high as the first floor. Quite an eyesore. It wasn't there in their original plan, but they say that is something the electric authorities decide and they can't do much about it. Again like I said, I live learned to like it.

    But do mark my words, the location is prime if not anything else it is bound to appreciate handsomely in the coming years !

    Are you based in Calcutta ? Let's keep in touch and let us exchange phone numbers via email. Drop me a line at

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  6. Saswata - Forgot to reply to your question. There are plenty of google and yahoo discussion groups apropos the development and progress of New Town. You may look them up, they are mostly specific to projects. What I have tried to come up with is something similar here.

    Also take a look at, they have a lot of members who are keen followers of New Town and it's development.

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  8. Hey Zeon,

    Thanks for the invite. I have signed up already, see you guys there !

  9. Dear All,
    I was enquiring regarding the probable possession date for Sankalpa site II.
    This is the reponse I got yesterday .So my wild guess that anytime close to Year end might be more realistic

    Please let us know if you have some more information.

    " While the tentative date of handing over possession of your apartment, as advised by West Bengal Housing Board, WBIDFC’s agent for construction of Sankalpa Project is Sep'11/Oct'11. We are not in a position to communicate to you the firm date as yet, as the same will depend on satisfactory progress of the construction work, which is being supervised by us on a regular basis and also on obtaining all statutory clearances. "


  10. @Saswata - End of the year seems in line with the physical progress of work at Sankalpa. I will be doing a detailed progress of work and will post it on my blog. I am in Site III, Tower 11. We were told end of this year. However first quarter 2012 is closer to reality. Keep in touch.

    PS: Are you outside Calcutta/Bengal ?

    All best,

  11. Hi NKOB,
    Thaks for your response and really appreciate the update you provide time to time.
    I am at Site II- Tower7
    Yes I am now at Johannesburg, South Africa,. Planning to visit Kolkata on July end and would like to pay visit to NK Realtor office at BJ( Saltlake).
    Can you pleas suggest some name who can be contacted??
    Take care.


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